We are profoundly passioned of our craft.
That's why our shoes are so unique.

We are profoundly passioned of our craft.

That's why our shoes are so unique.

Like a second skin.

Our leathers come from the best French tanneries - but not exclusively. We also work with more confidential workshops.

Aubercy leather is as beautiful as incredibly durable.
Our leather are always in-between 12-14 millimeters : they truly are flexible.
All of our skins remain at least 25 days on their making last so to keep their design for the rest of their life.

True to their origins.

Our lasts are directly from our bespoke workshop.
They are born of 85 years of experience.
They fit exceptionally well.

Would you like an Art Deco chiseled toe ? Would you rather choose between a refined round shape or a bold slimed one ?

Pick one of our historic last or pick the pleasure of our avant-garde ones : your future favorite last is an Aubercy.

Aubercy Bootmaker displays more than 8 different last combined to 8 different widths. We regularly update them.

And all of that, in our Ready-to-Wear.

The whole nine yards.

All of our stitches are doubled so to ensure maximum resistance.
Yet, they are of an unmatched discretion.

Our density of stitches is of bespoke : 5 stitches per centimeter.
The hole left by the needle is invisible and the thread is perfectly tightly strained.

Bespoke quality. In our Ready-To-Wear.

Each and every of our shoes displays half-glazed soles.

Each and every of our shoes displays English stitches.
Usually only seen in Bespoke.

Unmatched elegance

Each and every of our shoes displays a wheeled sole, which is the true elegant finish.

Our sole's width is extremely thin, approximately 3 millimeters.
Its always wheeled with 12 notches each and every 2,5 centimeters.
Elegance in its essence.

Goodyear Welted ?

If asked, we are able to make the ultimate Bespoke technique : a hand welted Goodyear shoe.
The technique is then called a "Cousu Trépointe".

Our "Cousu Trépointe" is of an unmatched thinness.
It truly is of Bespoke quality.


All of our shoes display a resistant doubled stitch by the heel.

We wheel the heel.

The "Bon bout", the last layer of the heel is pegged 7 times.

And that's not all ! Our heels are handmade.
Cut on one angle, they won't rip your trousers.
They display a discreet star, as all true Aubercy shoes.

The most elegant soles to walk the line.

All of our soles have their stitches hidden.
A thick layer of leather protects it.

Our leather sole comes are made from a extra slow tanning process.
Our founder's signature is displayed on it.